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Slow response time when editing a sketch

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Mar 26, 2015
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SW2014 SP5


I know this has been posted before, but not really resolved so i thought I would repost.


I have a part, and have seen this in others, where when editing a sketch, it takes ~ 5 seconds for the sketch to open, but can be anywhere between 15 seconds and almost a minute before you can actually edit the sketch, so you get to see the wheel go round and round for awhile.


I did notice if I roll almost to top of the feature manager, the editing is more snappy, so I am assuming there is an issue further down the tree.  I am rolling forward segments of the feature manager at a time to look for issues.


I am trouble shooting through this, but thought I would post as I check this part out.


So, any thoughts on resolutions?





So, has been awhile now, but no other responses, has no one else had this issue with 2014 or 2015??