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Yield stress changed on its own.

Question asked by Chris Pellegrino on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Randy Miller

When I specify a material in the Simulation tree, it makes a new folder for this component/assembly and lists the material there even if it's an already existing material.


1) Is this so I can make a tweak to it and not change the original material?


2) This is my real issue: It changed the ultimate and yield stress in that material data. I was thinking that maybe it converted it to MPa, but the values don't work out. It only changed ultimate and yield, not the modulus or anything else I entered. (This was a custom material.) Even after reselecting the material and rerunning, it still lists the yield incorrectly on the stress plot. It does this even if I go back to the component and select the material there and rerun it (this is a single component analysis.)


3) I can't find where to change the target stress that shows up on the legend in the stress plot in 2015. Is this no longer available?


Anyone know what's up? This was a simple static analysis.


SolidWorks Premium SP1.1

Windows 7 Pro SP1