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    "Phantom" lines showing up in drawing

    Paul Mak

      My apologies if I put this in the wrong group.


      I have a cylindrical assembly which when two pieces are mated together show some lines which should not appear on the drawing.


      From this graphic, you can see that the lower part outside diameter edges are showing through the upper part material.


      My assembly is more complicated and the parts shown are only partial representations of both the top and the bottom, but the dimensions are accurate around the interface. What I've found is that if I remove contact mate between the upper and lower pieces, and move them ever so slightly, either away from each other, or through each other in the model, the lines on the drawing disappear. So, my short term fix was to replace the contact mate with a distance mate of 0.000,001" -- which doesn't change any of my dimension on my actual drawing.


      I would love to find the source of this problem and implement a more permanent solution.


      Any help is appreciated - thanks.


      Assembly and drawing file is attached in SW 2014 SP 5.0 format.