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Is it possible to create a smooth 3D geometry from experimental height measurement data, sampled on a regular grid

Question asked by Aleksejs Fomins on Mar 25, 2015

Dear Solidworks community,


We are a young startup company that uses unstructured meshes to model electromagnetic properties of certain real structures.

We are considering purchasing SolidWorks, but we need to be certain it can perform the action described below.


We are interested in meshing real structures based on measurements of the geometry of this structure. In particular, the structures reside on a horizontal plane, and a certain device samples the height of a structure with regular intervals in x-y plane. Then this data is saved to a file.


The question is:Would it be possible to read such a data file with SolidWorks, convert it to a smooth 3D model, and triangulate it? The format of the input data can be adapted if necessary.



Aleksejs Fomins

Researcher at LSPR AG
Zurich, Switzerland