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Workgroup PDM not updating property field in Revision Table

Question asked by Steven Atkinson on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2015 by William Radigan

PDM Workgroup is set up using lifecycles to control primary and tertiary revisions - all work and fill out rev blocks.  Date and descriptions are also working in the rev blocks and update when revisions are bumped or lifecycles change.  A New Property has been added called "Approved" to Vault Admin  and I have added this column to the revision block.


Revision / date / description    fields fill out and update from WPDM however the "Approved" property is added to the drawing properties, but does not update via the rev block.


How can one get the "Approved" field seen in the Rev Block column choices, to fill out automatically from the field entered in the check in window to the vault?


I have tried multiple settings, and values, but none seem to work -as I am just trying to get some initials appearing in the Rev Block next to the revision description.