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    How can I do a design study for a random vibration simulation?

    Max Segl


      I want to know the optimal suspension points for a part, so that it is not suceptible to vibrations in a certain frequency range. So what i did is a random vibration simulation, which gives mit a response function and an average acceleration. Now i want to do a design study and vary the position of the suspension points to see, for which parameters the minimal average acceleration takes place. But I don't know how to do it. Is it possible?

      What i did till now is defining a acceleration sensor at a specific point of interest and creating a design study. But when i add the sensor to the study i can't refer the sensor to the random vibration simulation. Am I on the right track or is there another way to do it?




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          Jared Conway

          in your random vibration study does that sensor report data?


          what version/service pack are you using?


          have you tried this process with a very simple model like a cantilever beam, just to remove as many variables and focus on setting up the design study? I'd highly recommend a design study with static just to get the hang of it.


          Personally I haven't tried a design study with dynamic but I can't think of any reasons why it wouldnt work other than it will take time to run. But that is a given for dynamic analyses. Have you checked the solidworks KB to see if there are any limitations?

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              Max Segl

              Hi Jared,

              I'm using SW2013 SP2. I allready did design studies with static simulations with this part and the sensors i defined report data when using dynamic simulations (Min or Max values, also transient). So just the repetition of a design study is  missing.

              When I add the sensor to the design study, SW says, that the sensor is a simulation data sensor and needs a simulation study for the current configuration and i should add a simulation study. Great, but I can't add a dynamic study, just static or frequency studies. Haven't checked KB (no subscription).

              Perhaps I can judge the susceptibility to vibrations by the first natural harmonics and try to maximize it. Then I just need a frequency study and no dynamic. But it would be nice to know, how one can do it with dynamic studies too.


              Cheers, max