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features erroniously fail on rebuild or editing

Question asked by William Sneller on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Mark Kaiser

I have a fairly complicated model that splits into two pieces early in the model. The assembly is a two piece rotomolded assembly. Both halves need to have clearance and rather large fillets so the initial geometry is divided using a surface and the split command. Some how SW loses track of what is going on and the split fails taking out most of the tree with it. If i open the split command and click the green check mark, the feature rebuilds fine, but the rest of the tree gets even worse. This failure happens no matter what i do, above or below the split command.


At this point I'm  way too far in to remodel from the initial error down. Does anyone have any ideas? In my previous NX life there was a command that would convert the tree to a dumb solid above a given point in the tree, is there anything like this available, or anyway to nail down the instability?