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    How to remove tangent interface between faces in contact

    David Flemming

      Good Day fellow SW users,


      Quick question...I'm working on a surface (we'll call it S1) that has a hole. I've filled that hole with 'Filled Surface' (we'll call that filled surface S2) and I've knitted S1 and S2 together. Now the blue edge line initially around S2 has become a black line since it is joined to S1...all well and there.

      Now I would like to remove the black line border around S2 so that both faces are completely merged and appear as one surface with no trace of S2 ever being there.


      I saw some people say to use the 'Tangent lines Removed' option in View-Display but that only hides the black border line...I want it completely removed.


      Is this possible?


      Thank you,

      David Flemming