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Unable to increment revisions inside of Microsoft Word when transitioning through an EPDM wordlfow.

Question asked by Stephen Lapic on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by Kevin Wilson

We seem to be having some issues with mapping variables and Microsoft Word.  When I have a word document that moves through a workflow with an increment revision transition
the document becomes the incremented revision but the new revision is not reflected in the variable internally within the file.


So let me list the different parts of this issue:


EPDM SP 15.1 (B745) – upgrading to 15.2.1 on Thursday evinging



                Block name – CustomProperty

                Attribute name – Revision

                Extensions - .docx, .dot, .xlsx, pdf, etc.


File Card – “Revision” text field selected:

                Show in Explorer

                Updates all configurations

                Folder data card variable (I’ve tried this as a “text value” but it didn’t fix the issue)

                Default overwrites (checked)


Workflow transition:

                Set Revision – set variable, run for files, variable=Revision, value=%nextrevision%

                Increment Revision – Inc. Revision, run for files


Word Document:

                Advanced Properties, Custom – name=Revision, type=text, value=00

                Quick Parts, Field – DocProperty, Revision


After transitioning the document the file card and history show that the revision is at 01 but after updating the field inside the file the value still shows 00 and not 01.


By the way, our excel files that use the same workflow, data card, and variable do not have any problems with showing the correct revision.  So I verified that the variable has a .docx extension.  This makes me think that it is something in the word document.


Any ideas?