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File Sharing without PDM?

Question asked by Ryan Moore on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by Brian McEwen

So a bit of a background. I am currently the only solidworks user but we plan on adding a second user. We are looking at re-instating a previously un-used seat of solidworks for this new user. He will mainly only be doing basic drawing updates to start. I currently use PDM workgroup for keeping track of revisions.  Looking at the different packages solidworks offers, you would need to get the premium option to get the PDM workgroup capability so if we went standard my new user would not be able to check in and out. Besides putting files on a server and using to share with one person (myself) checking into PDM, does anyone have any experience in this unique configuration? We hate to buy the premium package for a bunch of features this user would not use just to get the PDM. One option is for me to copy files to a place on the server for the new user to modify and then I would check into the vault. Any recommendations?