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    Computer is soooooo slow!!

    David Morgan

      I am having a lot of trouble opening and using an assy and drawing file. I have upgraded my pc to a ssd thinking it would help and have checked everything I can think off. If I post a link to the files can someone else have a look on a FAST workstation and let me know what they think the problem is? It is the drawing file that is causing the biggest problem It takes almost 10 minutes to open this file. Can u=anyone help or make any suggestions??

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          Peter De Vlieger



          What are the stats on your machine ?

          SSD is all good and well but if the processing power isn't there it won't change that much.


          Is it only with that ASM or do you have it in general?

          How intricate is the ASM, could it be that the way things are built up in the ASM is causing for a slow down?


          Try this while in the ASM

          go to the tab Evaluate and select assembly visualization, on the far right you'll have Mass with a little arrow next to it

          click the arrow and add a colomn

          select the new colomn and change it to "More", a new window will open and select SW-Rebuild Time

          Now you'll have a quick way to see what part, if any, is causing the slowness.