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Display jumps and shrinks (picture included)

Question asked by Ben Partan on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by Kelvin Lamport

When I try to do many tasks my window sort of disappears and shrinks or jumps. It is like the picture below. I have heard it is a graphics card memory issue. Restarting SW nor rebooting the computer solves the problem. Just about anything I do causes this for at least a brief moment and sometimes like in the picture it causes it to do it recursively until something gives.


I have a Sony Viao

Windows 8.1


NVidia GeForce GT 735M 4 GB and Intel HD Graphics 4000 (SW uses the NVidia card)


I am using a StarTech USB3SDOCKHD and am running two 24" monitors off it. I have never had any other program have a problem with it. If I plug a screen directly in the computer's HDMI port I have the same problem. Also if I run the laptop only I still get the display problems. So it is not only an issue with the StarTech dock.


Anything I can do to fix this? It is very irritating.






solidworks display problem 2.jpg