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Multiple files open creating path issues

Question asked by Chris Scheer on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Chris Scheer

I have a project... I did a "Pack and Go" of it to another location where I made changes to it for the new project.

One of the parts in both project locations (Riser Pipe) has been changed to a different size in the new project location.

If I open the assembly of the original project, while having the assembly of the new project open, the original project is referencing the part (Riser Pipe) from the new project folder (Now showing the wrong size in it's assembly).

If I close everything and re-open the original assembly from the original folder location, it reference fine.. From the proper location.

I have the exact same problem with drawings.


Why is it referencing to the wrong location?  Did I do something wrong with my "Pack and Go" or does Solidworks have issues with multiple assemblies/drawings being open at the same time?