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duplicates of variable values

Question asked by Aleksey Apushkin on Mar 24, 2015

There was a question on the variables in the properties of which “Unique values” are included.

We have a variable “mes_ Номер_Номенклатурный” in our storage. For it “uniqueness of values” is switched on.

But nevertheless it is possible to create documents with doubled value of the variable “mes_ Номер_Номенклатурный”. (Video on creating documents with duplicates of variable values is attached).


In some cases it is impossible to correct value of the unique variable mes_ Номер_Номенклатурный with standardized means of PDM (The example is on the video).

We have developed software method that allows to make this correction. (The text is attached).

Is it allowable to apply the method describe in the attachment?


P.S. The method was tried at testing storage, and the result is conformed with what was expected. No problems with the item gone through changes were revealed in the variable data card.