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    GD&T and Weldments Annotations

    Sammy Redshaw

      Why do the GD&T  and Weldments Annotations pop out in their own window where as the Surface finish annotation pops out in the left hand column?

      It frustrating having to place weldment and GD&T symbol onto a drawing when the annotation options hog  the drawing space.

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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Sammy,


          The settings for these two types of annotations don't lend themselves well to a vertically shaped dialog (the shape of the PropertyManager), especially the Geometric Tolerance which by nature is a more horizontally shaped annotation. For the Weld Symbol dialog, we try to place the settings contextually around the weld symbol where a user can better relate to what each of the settings means, so this again needs a more horizontal layout than the PropertyManager can provide. We have contemplated trying to implement these with a combination of the PropertyManager and on-screen input, but onscreen often gets tricky because of zoom scale issues and trying to put controls in the graphics area instead of a dialog. We'll continue to look for designs for the future where we can provide a more compact design.