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    Toolbar - two questions

    Pawel Keska

      Hi there,


      Do you know how can I remove unused space on the toolbar (especially it makes sens i.e. for sketch toolbar, when "large button" is active). I would like to place another toolbar closer (1).


      And second question, I would like to place fit spline button to the spline list (like was in SW 2012, 2013). I cannot customize it (2).toolbar.jpg


      Any suggestions?

        • Re: Toolbar - two questions
          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Pawel,


          You cannot remove that unused space because the size of the CommandManager is determined by the contents of the longest tab of the CommandManager. Otherwise, the toolbars to the right of the CommandManager would be pushed around as different tabs are activated.


          These types of flyout toolbar buttons are not customizable through the user interface. Are you positive the Fit Spline command was on the flyout in 2012 and 2013?