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thermoforming trays, placing product, cuting out

Question asked by Krol Julian on Mar 21, 2015
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I have got about 10 products with different shapes like cylinder, qube or something like ufo.

I am trying to to creat thermoforming trays for each product.

So I would have 10 trays with different product on it.

Additionaly each product must be leaned back about 15 degrees.


Here are my questions:

#1 What is the simplest way to fit as many products as possible on each tray?

Remember that each product is leand back so the intersecting contour of the product with tray is variable.


#2 How to cut out the cavity for each product on tray perpendicularly to tray's top surface?

Remember that each product is leand back so the perpendicular contour to tray's top surface is variable.

Also the product will not be taken out slanted but it should be taken out up and down.