David Bradley

.DXF output gives "heavy" data

Discussion created by David Bradley on May 30, 2007
It's very frustrating.  If I were to make the same oddballflat pattern in ProE (wildfire) and Solidworks (2007 SP1.1) theresultant .DXF output of the same spline from SW 2007 has perhaps20x (sometimes MUCH MORE) the number of control points as fromProE.

These are simple splines with 20 or more times the necessary data. This becomes problematic with large nested autocutting with.DXF files.  I understand that this may simply be a case of"more RAM available, so more bloat permitted" syndrome asis often typical of modern software.  Heck... it is moreaccurate, right?  

I want my data dumbed down a bit.  I know more accuracy isgreat and all, but I do not need it and it slows down production. IT also slows down design since once we make .DXF output theengineers and techs who want best results must go in to ACAD andmanually "digitize arcs" over the splines, manuallyestimating tangency and then deleting the bloated original polylineas output by SW.

Does anyone know how to force a reduction of polylines according toa chordal accuracy or something like that?  That would beEXACTLY what I want.  But any way to reduce data on polylineoutput would be nice.

Thank you in advance.