Patrick Logan

Reading Solidworks part files 2014 from 2012

Discussion created by Patrick Logan on Mar 20, 2015

I was sure I could not migrate a part drawn in Solidworks 2014, and then read it in Solidworks 2012. I have had to redraw parts in the earlier version as some of my customers still use 2012.  Last week I needed to send a 2012 Solidworks CAD version of three parts and learned something by accident.  I took a three part assembly, saved it as an IGES in Solidworks 2014, then imported it into Solidworks 2012. I figured I would be able to make parts the customer would at least see. 2012 automatically created three part files from the IGES, importing no problem. When I opened each new SLDPRT file. Featureworks opened up automatically and asked me if I wanted to recognize features. I said yes then it created the design tree of extrusions, revolves and cuts. From what I can see it created the 2012 SLDPRT (with a different tree than my 2014 part).  It seems like a useful means to overcome backward compatibility. It is no true backward compat, but it saves me a lot of redraw.