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    2D Sketch to 3D Sketch plane

    Renier Goosen

      Hi there,


      I'm rather new to Solidworks so this question might be a bit elementary but I can't seem to find an answer online.


      I would like a 2D Sketch (Called "Sketch1") (that is an airfoil shape built with a spline) converted into a 3D Sketch (called "3DSketch1"). I'm not sure if I should even call it "convert" because all i want is just as the 2D Sketch is on the front plane, I would like to have that very same sketch on a plane (that is parallel to the front plane) inside my 3D sketch. I do not want a model. In my search for an answer I have come across a lot of people expecting solidworks to somehow magically create a 3D model. What I want would be the same as just copying the spline in it's 2D state and pasting it again while in "3D Sketch on plane" mode which is in effect the same as a 2D sketch. But simply ctr-c and ctr-v does not work (ERROR:"the item in clipboard cannot be pasted here")


      I can't just redraw the airfoil because it originally comes from a curve created from a txt file.


      Because of the complexity of the wing I am creating the normal (as per tutorials) way to build wings by having a wing profile and then lofting it guided by a curve will not work.


      Thank you in advance.



      Edit: I should probably add that I am using a Solidworks 2012 the university gave me


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