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Is there a way to make a saved view permanently present on other documents without having to use the checkbox every time?

Question asked by Matt Reynolds on Mar 20, 2015

I've been trying to write a macro (to take screenshots of parts) that involves the use of a saved view, one that is not standard in SW (I'm running 2014 currently).  I've had no major issues saving the view and running the macro on a single part, but running the macro on other documents causes issues.


Currently, I have to go to views, then saved views, then check a box to activate the saved view on another document.  The view has already been saved as a global view, and works on every part I try it on.  I can't seem to avoid the step where I must activate the view on each new document I use it with, and that is the root of my problem.  By nature of the context that this macro is running in, it will always be used on parts that haven't been seen before, so manually activating it is not a sustainable solution.  I would not hate using a macro to also activate the view, I just don't know if that's something that a macro is able to do.


Any advice?


The linked image is a screenshot of the checkbox I was referring to always having to check to have the view work successfully :