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    Title Block Help

    Cosmin Buidan

      If my drawing name is “1234567G Part number one”, is it any way that I can link the drawing name “Part number on” to the title block, and remove the first 8 characters? (ex:1234567G)

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          Jeff Holliday

          If you do remove the first 8 characters, how would someone know what the full name is by just looking at the drawing?

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            Jamil Snead

            This could be done with a macro, but you'd need to manually run the macro after saving or opening the drawing. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to run the macro, so it's not that inconvenient. If this interests you I can give you a sample macro to try.

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              Scott Kramer

              SW is set up to use properties within a part, assembly, or drawing file to fill in fields on a drawing.  The property called part number maps to the file name of your part or assembly.  You can change this to configuration name or anything else you specify.  The best way to get SW to automatically populate fields on a drawing the way you want, without macros and other fancy api stuff, is to become familiar and use the file properties that SW already has set up.  And to create your own using the same rules.


              In my experience, the best way to get SW to do things as automatically as possible, boils down to two activities.  One, populating Bills of Material, and two, populating the fields of the drawing title block.  For Bills of material, the way I've found to be best is to create fields in the File-Properties dialog box of part and assembly files like this:


              Whenever I make a part, I fill in these three fields and they are automatically entered into any bill of materials the part or assembly is part of.


              I used to do a similar thing with drawings.  I had fields for Description, Drawn date, drawn by, checked by, engineer, next higher assembly, etc.


              I don't do this anymore with drawings since SW came out with the Title Block Table concept.  This is a much better method.  Search the help for it.  You may like it.  It allows you to create fields in the title block area, and outside it, for anything you need.  It's very handy.


              Hope this helps.