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    How to automatically add the current year to a drawing?

    Allan Katz

      Our drawings list the current year in the legal notice, but it's just text, so I need to update the drawing templates every year. I can insert the code for it to display the current date, but I only want the current year to appear automatically.

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          Bernie Daraz

          You can create a simple text file and use that as a property after linking it to your drawings.

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            Paul Cullen

            Hi Allan you should be able to go to file - properties and then create a property called let's say "current year" then fill in the value you want lets say

            "2015" then in your sheet format you can add a note and reference this property. Now save this drawing as a drawing template and 2015 will show up in all your drawings. If you want to show a different year just go into the drawing properties and change the value to a different year. When 2016 comes along you can either modify this template to show 2016 or save a new template for 2016.


            I personally use the property tab builder to add custom properties to my drawings. Using the property tab builder you link properties to an excel file. I do not know much about excel but I think you can create a formula or value in a cell that will show up the current year automatically. You could then reference this cell in the excel file using the property tab builder and it will show up in your drawing.

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              Eric Blankinship

              I actually had this same question and from looking at various things I did find a way to do it but there are some drawbacks.  The issue is that there are 2 different formulas I found that will display a date in the custom properties.  These are $PRP:"SW-Long Date"  & $PRP:"SW-Short Date"   Now the way these function is that they relate back to your computer settings under:


              Control Panel>Clock, Language, and Region> Change the Date,Time, or number Format

              Inside here there are 2 boxes for the way a long date and short date are displayed which show up on your computer in various locations

              There are some default options to select from for each of these but they all use day month and year just using different number of digiits displayed and order they come in.

              You can customize it by hitting additional settings>go to the date tab and then type in either yyyy or yy in either short date or long date whichever you prefer.

              By Changing this it will make the custom property in Solid Works Display as you want so you can attach it as a property and have the year auto update.

              The downside of this of course will be that all people in your office will need to do the same thing or it will show up wrong on their drawings.

              Also places like your clock on your computer will now only show the year as well.


              If these downsides are ok though this is a solution that will work.  I'm adding some pictures down below to show the process  Hope this helps