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Create a half and half joint between two bodies

Question asked by Patrick Brown on Mar 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2015 by John Stoltzfus

Hello, everyone..


OK.. now this is like so many things in solidworks, something that can be done in lots of different ways..


firstly let me explain what I want the final result to look like. (using the attached example)


I want the ring to have a notch in it to accommodate the 10mm thick  C shaped body (20mm deep into the ring)


and the C shaped body to also have a notch in it, 20mm deep to form a 20 x 20 overlap (giving the 40mm overlap total) (ideally it'd like to control the size of the slot, so it's not just cut at the nominal of the materiel, as that can sometimes be a smidgen tight, making for a task to open them all up.. )


i've kept this example very simple but this could be say 18 different size rings and 8 supports, lets say, and creating this presents a few challenges..


now i know i can do it many ways... sketch it in etc.. patten it around etc.. (it could be that this needs to be done as an assembly, 


but i want to be able to create this feature somehow automaticly, so it can be quick and easy to add, and give you results that would allow going from laser cut part to cold assembly ready for welding very quickly and not need any hand reworking as a result of only being able to cut perpendicular to the material ..  and other laser cutting limitations (i know you could use a 5 axis laser.. but that's not an option so simple 2 axis stuff is required)


So , I'm not looking for someone to solve this example.. but ideas on how to go about achieving my final goal of an automated solution (as it's all about working smarter not harder.. )