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Help!  [Sheet Metal] I can't get welded corners to work with custom edge flange angles.

Question asked by Joel Corrigan on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by Joel Corrigan

Title explains most of it.


Here is an image showing the problem:

-At corner #1, the edge flanges are at 90 degrees and the welded corner tool works just fine

-At corner #2, the edges meet at a 15 degree angle, and I cannot get any corner tools to work properly (I have tried increasing the gap size)



I need to have these corners fastened together for sure in order to conduct FEA analysis.


I have tried making the two pieces separately and welding them together in simulation (study) space but this is also giving me problems.


This is part of a school project - I am making a rear trailing arm for a suspension system out of sheet metal.


** I have attached the solidworks file for reference as well **


Any help would be greatly appreciated!