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How can I covert text file to T-splaine text file in solidworks?

Question asked by Tariq Bahwini on Mar 19, 2015


I am facing a problem with my research that I want to get a Liver data in appropriate way. I have two model of the liver. The first model (liver.txt)  is bad structure but in correct format.The second model (liver139.txt) surface ,which is transformed into volumetric tetrahedron meshes (by using solidworks).The volumetric meshes occluded in (liver_tetra_s1.txt). Files (liver139.txt) and (liver_tetra_s1.txt) are both together for one liver model with a good structure but not in correct format. All these files in a text format.


What I want to do? I would like to get a second file as the first file format (T-spline solidworks). Can any one help me with this.


Thank you