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API bug with ModelDocExtension::InsertBOMBalloon2 ?

Question asked by Steven Soeder on Mar 19, 2015

See the attached video for a demo of this bug and the steps to reproduce.


I just reported this to my VAR.

Wondering if anyone else can reproduce this.


Bug Description:

Seemingly randomly (e.g. sometimes the call completes successfully 20+ times in a row, sometimes it happens on the first attempt) the call to InsertBOMBalloon2 will fail to execute properly.  What happens is the balloon won't be created, but what I notice is that in the UI window the "new balloon" command button enters the pressed state and sticks there. 

Every time this happens, Solidworks crashes if I try to click back to the UI window.  Every time - repeatably. 

Has anyone else noticed this, or can anyone else reproduce?


< P.S.> I don't know what is going on behind the scenes with the InsertBOMBalloon2 procedure, but I think it's odd that the button press animation is fired at all.