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    Collision detection

    Leif Nordstrom

      Perhaps the feature I'm looking for already exists.  I have an assembly with doors, and I click and drag to pivot the doors.  Right now, the door will swing into the model, which obviously wouldn't happen in the real world.  When I have to close a door, I create a mate to get to door in the correct position, and then suppress the mate.  To close the door, I unsuppress the mate.  This is purely to check clearances and to keep my model in the correct position for drawings.


      I know that collision detection already exists, but is there a way to set it to automatically run while I'm dragging parts around?  Better yet, is there a way to turn it on and off with ease?  Better still, could I set this enable/disable command to a hotkey?  My ideal scenario would go as follows:

      1. I need to close a door to check clearances or something.
      2. I enable the collision detection, preferably with a hotkey.
      3. I drag the door closed, and it stops when it comes in contact with the doorframe.  There are no mates at all.
      4. I disable the collision detection to continue working as normal.


      I think this would be cool!  If it doesn't exist, it would be a cool feature to add.  Thoughts?

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          Ingvar Magnusson

          You can use angle limit mates to swing it and make it stop at the angles you prefer.


          You can also use Collision detection.


          There is a check mark to "stop at collision" in collision detection to make part stop when it hits something. It´s in the move command, you could make a shortcut for that.