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Flow + Heat Simulation in SW

Question asked by Lama Hewage Janitha Jeewantha on Mar 19, 2015
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Please help me on below thermal + flow simulation question.


A Duct (Made from Steel 2 X 4 inch, Thickness 10 mm) Surround by soil (Soil temperature is around 35 C).  Hot air (Temperature around 40 C) enter to duct from one side and it will leave from other side. Heat transfer will take place from steel to soil. The air inlet volume flow rate will be 1.5 m3/S. (or velocity of the air 12 m/S)


I want to calculate outlet air temperature due to heat loss.

Please see figure for clear understanding.


I tried so many times. But for me, outlet temperature is higher than inlet temperature of air. So I understood something wrong in my calculation.

And especially I would like to know, what would be the analysis type, what does Wall condition, Initial Condition.


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Im using SW 2014