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Which is the best format to export a tubular geometry from solidworks 2014  to ANSYS?

Question asked by Luis Mtnz De Las Rivas on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Prabhakar Purushothaman



I am designing a tubular frame in solidworks 2014 but when I try to make a mesh in Ansys, appears a messaje that tells me that the CAD file is not valid to make a mesh. I have been reading and consulting information but i have not found information to enable me to make the mesh. I know that the problem can be that I am not using the correct format to export my geometry to Ansys or another possible problem can be that my geometry is not correct (I have been trying to found the mistake in my CAD file, however I have not found it).


It is the first time I do one geometry like this, and may the problem is there, I do not know if the tubular geometries need a different format. Thank you very much for your attention and all help will be welcome.