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Get Nonlinear Reaction Moments

Question asked by Matthew Stokes on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by Keith Frankie

I noticed in the solidworks help it says that resultant moments can be found for nonlinear studies. I have a very simple beam bending that I would like to find the reaction moments about the base however as shown here for static studies the option "free body forces" is not available in the non linear analysis. I have the "use large displacements" option unchecked but and I am able to get reaction forces but no reaction moments. How can I get resultant moments for a non linear study? Attached are images of the very simple study.


I understand Solid Elements only have three degrees of translation as explained in this post. But is there nothing similar to the static study option "free body forces" for non linear studies? Is there another way to get the reaction forces for this type of study? Note the entire right side face is displaced 3mm and must maintain its orientation wrt to the base thus I believe I am unable to use beam elements as the orientation of the joint can not be fixed.