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    SW Explorer - What needs improvement?

    Asdfa Afsdaff

      Am I the only one?  Every time I use SW Explorer, I come away frustrated.  Perhaps a list of improvements needed will attract some attention at SW.  Please contribute your ideas.


      My suggestions:

      1.  Every time I do a Pack and Go, Explorer stalls for several minutes.  I don't know why it does this, but I sure would like to see it stop.


      2.  When I use Pack and Go to rename an assembly and create new parts with linked references, I have to change the part name and assembly name on every instance.  For example, I just created an assembly with eight components.  I would think that I would enter eight new part names, but instead, I had to enter each name for each instance AND I had to update the assembly name for each component instance, for a total of 32 names that had to be changed.  What a waste of time and effort.

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          Tom Gagnon

          I agree that Pack & Go (P&G) is best used only when absolutely no other solution is available. Solidworks Explorer (and eDrawings even moreso) is so unwieldy that it is literally a last resort, exclusively for specialized tasks.


          I will not allow File locations to span all project folder locations by a root directory definition. It takes too long to scan through all corporate history when most of it isn't even relevant.


          I once had every SWx project folders defined. That took too long also. I reduced it only to the drawing subdirectories of relevant project locations, and it still took too long.


          When I make a P&G, I open SWx Explorer to define a narrow subset of file locations Where Used to only one project, and the design library. Then I close SWx Explorer. Open Swx. Open file to P&G. P&G it. Next time I need P&G, repeat full series.


          This leads me to two specific flaws in Solidworks Explorer:


          1. Obsolete File Location finder interface.

          On Windows 7 with SWx 2016 SP3, there is no excuse for an interface which does not allow for pasting in file paths copied from windows explorer. Instead, one must start at Desktop and locate network resources by navigating through every last directory. This is an obsolete interface dating back to Windows NT, and must go away in supported releases. Let me paste or at least type path values instead of manually browsing through each step.

          Best case scenario: provide me with ability to export settings in Where Used to that project so that I can save selections for future use, and freely discard them once saved.


          2. Windows explorer Where Used integration.

          Maybe someone can direct me to UI registry hacks to accomplish this.

          When I am in a file location in Windows Explorer, I should be able to "Add location to Where Used" in the right-click context menu. Then it should be included in SWx Explorer's Where Used locations.


          Overall, failures of utility software within distro packages disincentivise low paying customers from purchasing higher cost licenses. If this is how helpful the utilities are, why even learn what can be done better with the rest of it?


          It's not my product. Improve it, or remove it from the distro package.

          Make it an optional separate download package and installation process for power users, so you're at least not exhibiting full blown fail to all users.

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            Christian Chu


            SW explorer is one of my favors - I'm still using workgroup PDM and can't live without it

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                Patrick Couture

                Being able to search all my files was interesting but once I got word that the search would not function for custom properties in SW2016 (Maybe even for 2015 I don't know) It removed every interest I had in SW Explorer. To me SW Explorer and pack and go are two different things (I know it's one software) but I use pack and go from windows explorer or directly from an opened assembly in SolidWorks. It's the interface of SW Explorer that I find completely useless and frustrating as Asdfa Asdfaff said. I guess Dassault doesn't bother improving it since all they want is that we buy a license for SolidWorks PDM.