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Embed a part in a print document for a template?  Proper save techniques?

Question asked by Steve Slater on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2015 by Glenn Schroeder

Hey guys,


I am looking to embed a part in a print so that we can use it as a template for future use.  We currently have a print that we want to use with a part generated "block" on our network so that we can have the details but have to open the .slddrw file every time and save it as a new name instead of making use of the "make print from assembly" features in solidworks.  Some of the team do not have a preference on doing it that way and use another version of the template for general parts, although I would like to have the option of using the solidworks tools since I have used them for so long and they are very useful to save time.


Also, what are the proper techniques for saving prints and parts?  I have always been under the assumption that there is always a reference back to a previous "saved" print unless you do a "save as-copy on a print or part.  This is the method I use, while others I talk to seem to just do a save as in most situations (or simply copy it from a folder, paste it to a new destination, and change the name), where it would still be linked to the original file created and may change it on occasion.  (I have ran into it where it did reference and changed multiple parts after doing changes to a supposedly "un-linked" file by only a "save as".


Any help with these questions?