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    cyclic symmetric problem

      dear friends,
      i did one impeller analysis involving cyclic symmetrical.
      but i couldnt select axis as well as edges.
      i tried lot of time,
      i used select other option also.
      but result is zero.
      is it possible?
        • cyclic symmetric problem
          genexxer genexxer
          Dear Jeya,

          This just reminds me of my frustration at selecting temporary axes made by cylindrical or conical features. They don't work in "use ref. geometry" or symmetry boundary conditions. So I have found that actually adding an axis in the feature tree and then selecting it is how to avoid this. Menu progression is insert->reference geometry->axis. Then select the appropriate ingredients for the axis definition like two planes/a surface etc.

          This will create the axis and can be used in cyclic/symmetry/use reference geometry bc's.