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New Simulation User: Perform simplified thermal analysis on a thin rectangular plate in contact with burner at constant temperature

Question asked by Robert Zarem on Mar 18, 2015
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Hello all!


I am new to Simulation and I am looking to find out how long it will take for a stack of thin rectangular plates to reach a constant temperature of 165 deg. Celsius with one side of each rectangular plate in contact with a burner at a constant temperature of 200 deg. Celsius.  Please see the attached picture for setup.


In order to simplify the analysis I think I should assume that all sides/faces not in contact with the burner are insulated by Aerogel completely or that they are thermally isolated. I am also assuming that the initial temperature of the thin plates are @ room temperature (21 deg. Celsius).


I am having trouble with the whole setup, more specifically the best way to simulate the burner's constant 200 deg. Celsius in contact with the side of the plates and the best way to setup the simulation for reasonable results.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!!


Thin Plate Stack Thermal Analysis.JPG




I am adding more pictures to further explain my process so far and my issue.


So I first run a steady state thermal test to ensure ambient temperature is set throughout assembly @ 21 deg C.

Ex Thermal Analysis Steady State.JPG

I then run a second thermal analysis but this time a transient thermal analysis and I use my first steady state thermal analysis as initial temperature.  I add the 200 deg C temperature on one side and then run the test again

Ex Thermal Analysis Transient.JPG


However, when looking at the results, I always have a somewhat logical heat progression but then all of a sudden everything goes cold! I am not sure why!


Ex Thermal Analysis Error.JPG


For some reason in my transient thermal analysis I can't get my starting initial temperature to be 21 deg C!  Any help or advice would be massively appreciated!!


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