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Adding to a Computed BOM via API

Question asked by Greg Thomson on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by Tim Webb

Does anyone know, can I add lines to a Computed BOM?  IEdmBomView.SetRows() suggests I can.  Some feedback on the forum suggests it doesn't always work.  Also, I can't use IEdmBomView2.InsertRow() as it appears to support Named BOMs only.


I'm trying to add Configuration specific BOM entries to various configurations within a SolidWorks Part (SLDPRT).  IEdmEnumeratorCustomReference6.AddReference2() unfortunately adds a file reference (not configuration specific) to every configuration within a part (SLDPRT).  This doesn't work for me.


Basic goal is to formulate a BOM so when exported (in XML) to our MRP system, it can recreate the BOM.  Our part designs can have multiple configurations that consume each other.  For example, a formed part (Config A), consumes its flat form (Config B), which then consumes raw material (another part/config).  SolidWorks takes care of this for assemblies, but not for parts.  And, I'm not so sure I can replicate this behavior via the EPDM API.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.