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Run All Studies status update reliability

Question asked by David Hooper on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by Jared Conway

I setup two static simulations on an assembly and hit run all studies.  I knew it would involve a long run time ~9 hrs per sim for 2 simulations.   It has been 19 hours.  When I walked away from my machine this morning I heard the beep that is characteristic of the simulation being finished-(note could have been something else)? The processes I thought looked like it was done and I was able to hit the save button.


But it still said it was solving when I hovered over the results.  I thought it could have been a delay, which is not uncommon.


I checked the status of the solver on each tab and each tab states that it has 0% solved!  Does anyone know if this number has any reliability or not?  Any feedback would be appreciated.


I am trying to determine to either close the file and reopen to see if actually finished or if it somehow restarted. 


I am using

large problem direct sparse solver


SW 14 SP5

windows 8

Dell precision T7610 workstation with 60 G ram