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COSMOSWORKS & Large Assembly ???

Question asked by Designer Designer on May 27, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2007 by John Nemeth
Dear Cosmos Users....

I want to analyse a huge assembly.

1. Any body can share experience on analyse a huge assembly using cosmosworks ?
2. How large assembly that ever you analyse using CW with solid mesh ?
3. How about using shell mesh ?
4. How about using beam mesh ?

In my experience, analyse a huge assembly using solid mesh is impossible.
Possible using surface, but very - very takes a long time when input thickness of each shell. Let`s say we want to apply different thickness to more than 250 shell. WOW.....TAKES A LONG TIME.

I want a capability in cosmosworks like cutlist in weldment. We can easily go to folder that contains of same shells.

I hope cosmos developer hear this.....

Thank You !!!