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Create copy of assembly and choose which references to update

Question asked by Jamil Snead on Mar 17, 2015

I have an assembly that consists of several parts that have relations in context of the assembly and also there are several virtual parts that were built inside the assembly. Now I want to make a copy of that assembly and I want some of the parts to reference the new assembly and some of them to keep their references to the old assembly. I only know of ways to update all references to the new assembly. In the Save As dialog there is a check box for "Include all referenced components", but there is no box for "Include some referenced components". I know some people recommend using Pack and Go for making copies of assemblies, but will that method allow me to update some but not all of the references? The new copy of the assembly will be located in the same folder as the old assembly if that makes any difference, so I don't want multiple copies of the same parts.


In this particular case I actually only want all of the virtual components to update references to the new assembly but I want all of the real parts to keep their reference to the old assembly. Maybe there is some easier way to do that. But I might run into a situation later on where I want to update (and rename) some of the real parts to reference the new assembly as well.


Any advice?