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Assembly (sldasm) BOM not editable / changeable

Question asked by Danny Bradford on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by Danny Bradford


Scenario: Create a BOM in the Assembly options does not matter. Save assembly. Close Solidworks and reopen Solidworks -> finally open the assembly.


2 things you will notice:

First the BOM is not visible. Fix is to Hide then show in the tree. Annoying but not show stopping.

Second, the BOM is uneditable! the BOM is just a static dataset. No way to add attributes, change values nothing. Virtually show stopping!


I have gone round and round trying to get something to work and I have one work around: Add another BOM in the assembly. Once this is done the original BOM then comes to life and acts as expected with the functionalities one would expect.


I have checked the Solidworks Knowledge database and the forums and there is nothing on this. (Just to make it clear I didn't just jump straight to the forums)


Is there some setting I am missing? Is there anything that can help me? I need the BOM available to edit on open without the workaround.