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Motion Analysis

Question asked by Alan Thomason on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2015 by Jared Conway

This question concerns constraining parts together in which one follows a path in another part, like an overhead garage door would follow in its track.


I can use a coincident connection between a point and a spline composed of various tangential elements in Animation.  However, when applying this to Motion the Mate doesn't hold.  It works with single elements (an arc or a line).


I'm asking this in case anyone sees anything simple that I am doing wrong.


Assembly file showing one part constrained at both ends by coincident mates between a point and

  a line

  a spline of three tangential elements.


In one video attached, an animation successfully leaves the coincident mate attached.

In the second video, a Motion Analysis is performed resulting in the coincident mate failing.


In the past I have gotten around this by using Solid Contacts, but that seems like a very complex way to solve an issue.  The assembly I have provided here is a tiny, simplified example of the work I am actually doing and adding Contacts everywhere in which a similar constraint is needed adds enormously to the solve time and overall complexity.


Thanks in advance.