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How to apply a Makefile concept to SW?

Question asked by Nicholas Nadeau on Mar 16, 2015
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Currently, when I prepare a release of a project (new version/update), I create a "package" (zip/folder/etc) containing a pack & go of all necessary SW files, PDFs of drawings, STLs of 3D printed parts, IGS files for CNC, DXFs for laser cutting, etc. All this is traceable back to our internal revision history. This methodology is very similar to compiling code in order to release the binaries, such that our technicians only have to work with "compiled", non-SW files. The downside of this process is that it's very time consuming.


Is there a way to apply the concept of a Makefile to output generation for SW? For those who are not familiar with Makefiles, check out the following:


Makefile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia..


Essentially, I'd like a method where I can launch a process which would auto-generate all the needed outputs of a project based upon a set of given requirements (for instance, a text file with a list of parts/assemblies/drawings to include, and desired outputs for each).