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Part Weldment Material for "As Welded" Configuration Not Propagating from "As Machined" Configuration

Question asked by David Sheridan on Mar 16, 2015
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For a part weldment, when I add a material in the "As Machined" configuration the material for the "As Welded" configuration is not propagating from the parent "As Machined" configuration.  In a drawing the Weldment Cut List table (cut list.sldwldtbt) material column is populated from the "As Welded" material.  I have to add the material to both the "As Machined" and "As Welded" configuration even though the "As Welded" is a derived configuration from the "As Machined".  Is there a way to add the material to the "As Machined" parent configuration that sets the same material in the "As Welded" child configuration?


It seems that the "As Welded" configuration should be the parent and the "As Machined" should be the derived configuration, because the weldment is welded and then machined.  Then features can be added to the machined configuration like holes and facing operations without having to suppress them in the parent configuration.  Having the "As Machined" as the parent seems backwards to me.