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    Connect to running SOLIDWORKS with VB.NET

    Deepak Gupta

      I'm using following codes to connect to running session of SOLIDWORKS. But since I've multiple SOLIDWORKS version installed on the machine, the codes always try to connect to the latest version by opening it rather than connecting to current active version.


      For example I've SW 2014 and 2015 installed and these codes will always connect to 2015 even if 2014 is running. Can anyone look at the codes and suggest where I'm making the mistake. I'm using Visual Studio Express 2013 if that makes any difference.


      Module Module1

          Sub Main()

              Dim swApp As Object = GetObject ("", "SldWorks.Application")

              If swApp IsNot Nothing Then

                  swApp.Visible = True


              End If

          End Sub

      End Module