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    Driving a weldment cut-list property from a design table

    Randy Franklin

      Is there a direct way of driving a cut-list table property from a design table that is similar to driving a custom property from a table (e.g. $PRP@Description)?  Right now I have a "dummy" sketch in the part file set-up with a global value that is driven by my design table.  This works, but when I switch configurations on the drawing it does not automatically update the value.  I have to go back to the part file, then go back to the drawing, then hit the rebuild button to get the table value to update.  By the way, I have always had to do this to get the parts weight to update on a drawing when switching configurations (but that is a whole new discussion for another time).  If anyone knows a way to drive a value that can be picked in the drop-down box in the cut-list table without having to set up a global value that has to wait on a sketch to update, please share.