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    FEA on a bike frame with welds

    Scott Ziebelman

      I am making a bike frame for one of my projects class and my team and I wanted to run a simple FEA on it.  The only issue is I cannot create welds between the materials and the welments environment doesn't help much because they are custom profiles.  Any advice on how I should proceed?




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          James Riddell

          Hopefully you have modeled this as an assembly - that will make for fixing geometry for the FEA easier (IMHO).  I would proceed with a globally-bonded model and chase down high stress points with solid-modeled welds with an appropriate cross section.  Of course you will have to eliminate any interferences, small slivers and gaps prior to running this.  The first places I see you might have problems are with the cope fitting at the top (handle/connection?) and from the round tube joint to the square tube.

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            Jared Conway

            look for the cosmos companion on weld analysis

            stay away from it at first and follow james' recommendation to start with everything as bonded in a weldment/beam analysis