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Sketch linear patter mirroring problem

Question asked by Razero Raz on Mar 15, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2015 by Razero Raz

Hy, I'm trying to make a sketch like that:


And I'd like to do the pattern on the bottom with 'Lineat sketch pattern' (so i only have to set te dimension once for the short horizontal and vertical line) and then mirror about the center line. The problem is, that when i mirror it, the horizontal line, witch crosses the center line, should be double the length, than the others, but it somehow stays the same as the others...

Here's some pic to illustrate:

step1.pngdraw firs 2 lines, set dim, patter 45deg

step2.pngcoincide highlightend pointsstep3.pngcoincide c.line and endpoint (+colinear bottom line and top plane)step4.pngset other dimensionsstep5.png

After mirroring that's the result...:/

Any solution? Or some other (easyer) way i can do my sketch?

Thanks in advance!