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    IView.GetSMBoundaryBoxDisplayData unpredicable results

    Bill Florac

      Anyone successfully use the IView.GetSMBoundaryBoxDisplayData() function with flattened sheet metal parts? I would expect it to return 4 lines, one for each side but sometimes it returns more (line 30) and sometimes it returns just one, and other nothing at all. I can identify some of the extra lines as the bend lines (which should not be included) but the others seem to be all over the map. Oddly, it seems to work correctly on sheet metal files that I create but does when I get files done by others, it will more often than not fail. Perhaps there is some setting the part files that is making this work?


      I'm using it to get the size of the sheet metal part. I can not use the simpler IView.GetOuline() because it represents the "selection" outline, not the part outline. This seems to have a constant offset of .220" but I'm not sure it is always constant.


      My current work around is to drill down into the part features, locate the bounding box sketch and get the dimensions. I then go back to the drawing, use the GetOutline to determine the orientation of the part on the sheet and flip then coordinates the actual part dimensions accordingly to match the print.