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Flat pattern in drawings?

Question asked by Leif Nordstrom on Mar 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by Kevin Desrosiers

Heads up - this is going to seem like a dumb question.  I just upgraded to SW 2015 SP1.  Before I upgraded, when I wanted to make a drawing of a sheet metal part and include the flat pattern, I could either draw the flat pattern view onto the sheet, or I could select "Add Model View" and choose Flat Pattern from the checkboxes.  Now when I create a drawing from a part, I do not have the option to drag in the flat pattern view, nor can I select the flat pattern from the "Add Model View" menu.


In the part file, I can successfully unsuppress the flat pattern.  I tried doing the same thing in the design tree on the drawing, but I do not have the option to unsuppress.  I also tried restarting SW and my computer =).  Has anyone else run into this problem/know how to fix it?  It's a fairly simple sheet metal part, and it would have been very easy in SW 2014.


Thanks, have a great day!