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I can't reset a spline handle.

Question asked by Chris Mellen on Mar 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by Rangantah Dasppa

I have a spline that I previously created in a sketch that I'm having difficulty modifying.  One of the spline handles has a dimension for tangency weighting, but the other handle shows no such dimension.  Despite not having a dimension for tangency weighting I can't change the length of the handle.  It seems fixed.  Additionally, the property manager box won't allow me to reset the spline handle - the box is greyed out.  I click reset all spline handles and that only resets the handle with a dimension.  I don't want to delete the spline and put in a new one because that will mess up a whole ton of downstream sketches and features.  Is this a glitch with no solution or is there a way to gain control of this spline again.  Thank you!